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(LBG Charity No.143)

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A warm welcome

The Guernsey Healing & Spiritual Centre (GHSC) has moved from the K.G.V to St Saviours Community Centre which ca be found at the Neuf Chemin - the road running from St Saviours Church to the Reservoir.

The GHSC started out  almost twenty years ago with a group of like minded people meeting in their homes for tea and discussion. The 'Free Thinkers' didn't want to be tied to any particular creed  or religion so it is run solely by willing, dedicated volunteers and is not affiliated with any central body. All of Mankind is welcome here.

The Centre is non denominational, inviting all open minded people to support their own beliefs and allay any traditional fears on following their spiritual paths.
"..A small seed that grew and branched out over the years.."


*****************Next Event*****************

 Mind Body Spirit Fair on Saturday 25th March 2-5pm at Vale Douzaine











Tuesday evenings from 7.30 - 9.00 pm.

Saturday morning 'drop in' from 10.00 am - noon.